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Free Facebook-based game manager for a wide range of online games
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Formerly known (while in beta) as Facebook Games Arcade, Facebook Gameroom has put together in a standalone platform all your favorite Facebook games. From Candy Crush and Farmville to a wide range of action, bingo, card, board, or builder games (to name but a few), this game management tool will let you enjoy all your favorite Flash-based games (and new ones designed exclusively for this platform) in one single location and without needing to be logged in to your Facebook account.

Without the versatility of Steam or other more powerful PC-gaming sites (yet), Facebook Gameroom aims at keeping you in front of your PC and linked to your Facebook account for as long as possible. However, though you will be asked to connect via your Facebook profile whenever you open a new game, you won’t need to be inside your Facebook account to play. It will let you play online with millions of other Facebook members, and even chat with them live while playing.

Facebook Gameroom is not only a personal game manager, it is also a showcase for new games. Developers are offered the option to populate the app with their own additions (using the built-in Unity developer toolset), and the social network itself will hopefully add larger games (over the current 200 Mb limitation) in time. You won’t find the monster games that other gaming clients have to offer, but it is a start. All games available now are of the free-to-play type, but Facebook may ask you to pay for special features or other goodies in the future.

Much easier than navigating around Facebook’s game pages, this game client and its neat design provide an enhanced user experience, offering you easy navigation through various levels – all the games, your downloaded games, and a categories menu. Each time you launch a new game, it will be added to your My Games list for you to know which you have already tried and for a quicker access to any of them the next time you go into Gameroom.

All in all, this contender to Steam and other gaming clients on that league is still a bit far from being a real threat, but Facebook counts already with more than 650 million gamers in its social network, and that’s certainly a good start.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Well-organized menus and categories.
  • Wide choice of different types of games.
  • Allows developers to build their own games.
  • Lets you play Facebook games without logging into Facebook


  • Still limited to games that were already available on the Facebook site
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